We are here to improve your knowledge and help you discover various cryptocurrencies that have a utility and a future in the real world. Our research separates facts from fiction while helping new and experienced users avoid honey pots, pump and dumps and rug-pull type scams.

Our opinion is honest, reliable and based on our many years of experience trading in the crazy world of crypto! Although we do not give specific predictions we would be happy to explore/review any altcoin or token you might want to invest in.

Tokens have become an area of concern for us, in the last year there have been thousands of new tokens deployed and sold through various DEXs. Although tokens are a great way for new crypto companies to start before they go onto the altcoin level, many are just created to take YOU for a ride!

Your Guide To Cryptocurrencies

Beginners Guide To Cryptocurrency - Example
Beginners Guide To Cryptocurrency – Example

Part of our mission here @cryptoenabler is to help others safely trade and hold any cryptocurrency of their choosing. There are three main types of cryptocurrencies: tokens, Altcoins and Bitcoin, so before you buy or think about starting your crypto portfolio, we have published numerous articles to help you get started safely and at your own pace.

Submit Your ERC20 & BEP20 Tokens For Review

Submit Your Tokens For Review
Submit Your Tokens For Review

Submit your ERC20 and BEP20 tokens for review. We love to promote and review great crypto projects with a future and reason to exist. This also gives our readers a chance to join exceptional crypto projects without fear of scams/rug pulls.

Our review process is honest, reliable and incorporates our years of experience when trading various crypto types. If you are a token owner and want to increase exposure and promote your crypto project then we can help!

The Token Scam!

Tokens have become a minefield for potential crypto investors, anyone can set up a token, add equity and promote it. There are no fact-checkers or governing bodies to keep token owners in check. They can make up anything they want when encouraging investors to choose their blockchain token.

Social Media & Token Scams
Social Media & Token Scams

It takes around 20 minutes to copy code, make a few adjustments and deploy a token. If a token owner decides to pull the plug (remove equity) no one knows who they are and can just go from one scam token to the next!

Bitcoin & Altcoins The Basics

Altcoins = Alternative To Bitcoin
Altcoins = Alternative To Bitcoin

Altcoins are alternatives to Bitcoin, so any crypto coin with a blockchain such as Ethereum or BNB are both alternatives to Bitcoin. Altcoins are the more stable form of cryptocurrency, especially when compared to blockchain tokens. We would always encourage our readers to invest in altcoins when compared to tokens.

The Latest Smartphone Mining Apps

Choosing The Best Smartphone Mining APPs
Choosing The Best Smartphone Mining APPs

Mining apps are a new way for coin and token owners to distribute their cryptocurrencies before official release. This is similar to an airdrop to encourage potential investors to notice their new crypto project. There are a few great choices to choose from, with some older and less rewarding due to the sheer amount of users already mining.

In this section, we reveal the best smartphone mining apps and how we can all accumulate free crypto through your smartphone. Most require you to log in and click mine every 12/24 hours, this is not the same as blockchain mining, but more of an accumulation method before the crypto hits mainnet in the future.

Our Latest Crypto Reviews & Guides

Check out our latest blog posts detailing our latest reviews and feedback, plus any crypto advice. If you would like to request feedback for a certain altcoin or token then this is where it will appear.

Cryptocurrency Questions & Answers

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