Alien Worlds Review, The NFT Metaverse Game Gaining In Popularity!

Alien World is a free to play “NFT game” that has attracted a lot of attention in recent months. Initially released back in 2021 this Metaverse type game has many followers and engaged players. It’s free to play, but to complete tasks/missions and acquire NFTs you would need to make a small purchase of their native token Trillium (TLM).

Important Notice: To be able to play Alien Worlds you will need a Wax Cloud wallet. To activate that Wax wallet you need to send 5 WAXP to the address provided. If you do not pay the “PAY WALL” you will NOT be able to play the Alien Worlds!

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Alien Worlds NFT Game
Alien Worlds NFT Game

The in-game crypto is called $TLM which runs on three major blockchains Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Wax. To accomplish in-game missions you will need to acquire the Binance Smart Chain BEP20 version of their token.

Alien Worlds Game Play

Alien Worlds Game Basics
Alien Worlds Game Basics

Your goal is to travel to distant alien worlds and mine TLM or NFTs, which can be found as you explore. As you upgrade your tech such as mining equipment your avatar will discover more NFTs/Tokens, which is why the game has become so popular.

With over 300 different NFTs to collect which vary in value, some are rarer than others which are reflected in their value/sale price.

  • Acquire/mine over 300 NFTs
  • Take part in nebula events
  • Lease spacecraft
  • Fight other players
  • Mining/Staking options
  • Govern your alien world
  • Become a councillor of an alien planet

There are many aspects to this metaverse type game, if you want to try the gameplay then signup through Wax. Every new player is given a free shovel to get you started although it’s very basic you can experience the gameplay and decide if you want to invest and commit further.

How To Start Playing Alien Worlds?

Before you start playing Alien Worlds there are a few steps that you need to take before gameplay can begin. The First would be to set up a wax account to receive a crypto wallet where your in-game tokens and NFTs will be stored. Be sure to copy all passwords/phrases and keep them in a safe place.

Alien Worlds & Wax Wallet
Alien Worlds & Wax Wallet

You can now connect and start mining on Alien Worlds using your Wax account as authenticity, every time you log onto Alien Worlds this wallet is now your account details/log in. You can now start mining, to improve your mining rate/rewards you need to upgrade your mining tools.

The better the tool the more you receive from your mining efforts. Some land is more profitable than others, so you will need to lease land to mine at first. You can now start upgrading tools using the TLM token explained below:

As mentioned earlier in this Aliens World review you will need to send 5 WAXP tokens to the address provided to activate your Wax wallet.

In Game Trillion $TLM

Alien Worlds & Trillium
Alien Worlds & Trillium

As mentioned earlier in this Alien Worlds review, you would need to purchase some Trillion TLM to get you staking, voting and improving your mining abilities. We would advise you to use the BSC contract address or use Binance if you are not crypto savvy.

You would need to then send your tokens from Binance to your in-game wallet for the funds to be available within the game.

The Future Of Trillion TLM – Alien Worlds

When TLM was initially released on the crypto market it spiked to $6.80 but soon after it tanked down to $0.22 and has continued its trajectory to $0.06. Ever since then, it has flatlined, but this can be a good sign because we know where the price might go in the future. As Alien Worlds increases its engagement with its user base and release its white paper targets we could see a big spike when markets pick up.

  • The highest price of one $TLM is $6.80
  • The lowest price for one $TLM is $0.06
  • Overall total supply: 10,000,000,000 10 billion
  • Whales holding TLM: HIGH! 3/4/5/6%
  • Readily available on many Decentralized exchanges (Pancake Swap)
  • Also available on non-decentralized exchanges (Binance)

Positives For Alien Worlds

  • One of the most played NFT games
  • Stake your tokens for even bigger rewards
  • Trade acquired NFTs through the in-game market
  • Free to play unlike so many crypto/NFT platforms

Negatives For Alien Worlds

  • Crypto whales are a big concern for price action
  • $TLM has shed a lot of value in the last year
  • Gameplay can crash/lag from time to time

Alien Worlds Feedback & Review Ratings

Listed below is our feedback and overall review of Alien Worlds:

  • Graphics/Quality: Good
  • Earning Potential: OK
  • In–app advertisement: none
  • In-app purchases: Many
  • NFT value: Good
  • Free-to-play: Yes
  • Overall Rating: 5/10

Aliens World is a great game and looks set to increase in popularity, performance and new features. If you are looking for a good metaverse/NFT game that is still early then this is that game! I have been playing Alien Worlds for many months and know it to have great potential.

If you are new to the crypto & NFT world then we would advise you to try the gameplay for free. Every new signup is given a shovel (low quality) but you will get a feel for the game and you can make a conscious decision if this NFT game would suit your needs.

“Alien Wolrds looks set to become bigger and better in the months and years to come, with a massive user base and a dedicated team behind the game.”

The Crypto Enabler Team

Have You Played Alien Worlds?

Here at Crypto Enabler, we are always looking for first-hand reviews and experiences of our featured NFT games. If you have played Alien Worlds and would like to contribute to this review then feel free to use the comment section below and share your experience good or bad!

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