AXIA Coin (AXC) Review, The Only Token Offering Every Utility Imaginable!

The AXIA Coin is built on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token. They claim to offer a complete ecosystem for your needs from instant social/messenger, video streaming to banking and search engine needs. The AXIACoin platform claims to be able to manage both fiat and crypto assets and be the next reserve currency for the world!

The AXIACoin Review & Feedback
The AXIACoin Review & Feedback

Listed below are their very extensive list of utilities included within their platform/ecosystem.

  • AXIA Capital Bank – Online Banking app
  • AXchat – Instant chat service
  • AXemble – Meeting service (podcast)
  • AXconnect – Social networking
  • AXpress – Social media app
  • AXbox – Video streaming
  • AXdepot – File sharing
  • AXcovery – Search engine
  • AXstore – Buy and sell platform/app

Plus many others, if a token needs a utility they have covered the whole internet service arena in one place, plus banking and smart contracts. At least we cannot say they do not have a utility because the list is huge. Released in July of 2021 the token is brand new with most of the platform is… Coming Soon!

Updated: AXIA COIN does not have any association with AXIA PROTOCOL, both are Ethereum ERC20 tokens. So be sure you are not buying AXIAcoin rather than the popular and useful “AXIA protocol”.

Crypto Enabler Team

Axia Coin Review Update 2022

Since writing this review of the Axia coin no new details have been listed and there are no updates or releases to mention. Our advice for buyers would be to avoid this coin/token until more is revealed!

The AXIAcoin

Crypto Tokens And Coins
AXIACoin Is NOT a Coin But A Token!

Based in Dominica (Caribbean) AXIA coin claims its capable platform offers the user huge benefits from rewards to video streaming and search engines. The ERC20 token has a supply of 72,560,000,000 which is a huge amount of over 72 billion.

It was released onto the market in July (2021) and has not made much noise since. Currently, there are around 700 holders with 1970 transfers, considering the token was released back in July the prospects for this token to pump is slim to low.

AXIACoin Whale Watch

Whales are waiting behind this new token, so be prepared for a lot of resistance if the token has a jump in the next few months. Currently, there are many holders of over 0.5% and 0.02% of all tokens in circulation. There are also 5 wallets holding large bags that would tank any gains in the near future.

AXIACoin Whale Watch
AXIACoin Whale Watch

AXIACoin Utility

There is no getting away from it, the AXIACoin does have a lot of utilities, possibly too many. They have anything and everything added to their list, which would be hard for one company no matter how big it is to manage all the utilities offered by the AXIAcoin token.

They have messenger apps, video streaming, social networking, smart contracts, banking and so many more. As mentioned earlier they have listed nearly all services on the internet. If there was ever an issue with too many utilities then this ERC20 token is it!

  • Rewards for using their services
  • Banking services
  • Downloadable app for IOS/Android
  • Crypto wallet service
  • Social media network
  • Video streaming services
  • Buy and sell service/app
  • Email application
  • Forums and a blog!

Is AXIACoin A Scam?

We would not class AXIACoin as a scam such as a rug-pull or a pump and dump, which are generally found on the Ethereum blockchain. Yes, some big whales are holding around 10% of the total supply, so this would be the only signal of a dump when the price hit new heights.

But remember that any token can reverse its liquidity especially if that liquidity is held with Uniswap. Due to the unrealistic approach and spreading themselves thin on the ground with so many services, plus a banking app, we would be apprehensive to commit to investing in the AXIACoin anytime soon.

  • The smart contract allows sales after purchase
  • No two wallet holders have the same amounts (typical of a P&D)
  • Social media looks active
  • The website is slow but designed well

How To Buy AXIACoin (AXC)?

Like all new ERC20 tokens, you will need to use a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) to purchase these tokens. But be sure you have the correct contract address because there are a few tokens with a similar name as AXIA.

Currently, the only liquidity we could find is located on the Uniswap app. You can use the Uniswap Dapp located with your Trust Wallet or the app located within the Uniswap website.

The Breakdown Of The AXIACoin Token

  • Audited – Yes
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Blockchain: Ethereum blockchain
  • Number of holders: 700
  • Max supply of coins: 72,560,000,000
  • Revealed owner: Yes
  • Contract AXIACoin: 0x37c430c2b5f9ff85e534873c715871818ab1623e
  • Our Rating: 1/10

Final Review Of AXIAcoin

The idea sounds good but they have way too much going on and the wording they use just scrambles ones mind. The platform is complicated and they seem to have copied the AXIA protocol and added a few more utilities to their OWN ecosystem.

All-in-all this AXIAcoin review is average and we would advise our readers to hold off investing in this token due to the whales and sounding too similar to AXIA protocol. It rings too many bells as a copy of AXIA protocol and another token that will not amount to much when compared to other altcoins offering the same services.

Another issue we have is how will they specialize or propel in one industry, video sharing, social networks, search engines are huge businesses and the majority of these companies struggle to get things right at the best of times!

Have you heard about AXIACoin? We want to hear your thoughts concerning the AXIACoin (AXC) eco-system. Submit your reviews and opinions below or use the secure form located here.

5 thoughts on “AXIA Coin (AXC) Review, The Only Token Offering Every Utility Imaginable!”

  1. Oh wow, these tokens go from no utility at all to literally listing every service on the web, lol.

    I wonder how long this will run before they dump the lot..

  2. This crypto gets worse and worse the more they update, literally do not know what they are doing. They just randomly announce random stuff hoping for more investors. I have not seen anything positive I have now dropped my Axia bag because they are one of the worst cryptocurrencies. Good luck all, you’re going to need it with Axia, your right they have way too many business plans and models nothing gets done, just noise and more uselessness!

  3. Disheartened by the price and rate of updates from their team. I have been invested for a while but they never bring anything new out and my investment is just getting lower and lower. In the last three months, I have lost over 60% of my investment. Such a disappointment they had everything the media, pr releases and then nothing…

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