Axie Infinity Review, All You Need To Know Before Playing This NFT Game!

Axie Infinity is a huge platform and is currently leading the way for NFT crypto gaming. It has become a huge juggernaut, but has it become too big and are invested players going to be disappointed?

The Axie Infinity NFT Game
The Axie Infinity NFT Game

In this Axie Infinity review, I will be revealing my thoughts and expectations of this battle/NFT crypto game. In the last two years, Axie Infinity has attracted millions of players all expecting to make continuous profits!

Axie Infinity Breakdown
Axie Infinity Breakdown

The Axie Infinity Game

The aim of the game is to breed & discover Axies while battling other players. So an initial investment is needed ($500) for three Axies, yes it’s a play-to-earn (P2E) but NOT free to play (F2P).

The game was first released back in 2018 by a Vietnamese developer. Ever since then it has captured many gamers and crypto enthusiasts who want to make a passive income collecting Smooth love potions $SLP and selling their collected Axie NFTs.

  • A down payment of around $500 for three Axies is a MUST!
  • Battle other players for Axie Infinity Shards $AXS & Smooth love potions $SLPs
  • Breed, collect or Purchase Axies with each becoming NFTs
  • All your collected Axies are NFTs so you can then sell for a profit
  • Sell your NFTs on the internal marketplace
  • Complete daily tasks and side quests for extra benefits

The gameplay is good when compared to other NFT/battle games. This is why a lot of users are using this platform. Plus the chance to make a continuous income from battling, and breeding to acquire rare and valuable NFTs.

TOP TIP: Research Axies, especially the first three you purchase from the marketplace because they will be with you for some time!

How To Start Playing Axie Infinity

Crypto games are easy to get started once you know how. You will need a crypto wallet capable of holding NFTs and other altcoins. Your crypto wallet is your login and account details all in one based on your unique public key.

If you log onto Axie Infinity with a different wallet/public key then all previous progress will not show. This is because the game will think you’re a new player due to having a new public key.

So always be sure to log in with your original wallet address/public key. Before connecting your crypto wallet with the Axie Infinity blockchain/servers be sure you have copied your passphrase.

If you are new to crypto gaming then all you need to do is download the game extension to your PC or smartphone. their official website is “”

  1. Create a crypto wallet and copy the 12-word security details
  2. The best wallets are Trust Wallet, Atomic wallet or my Ether wallet
  3. Once you are familiar with your crypto wallet its time to buy some crypto
  4. You will need to buy Ethereum due to Axie Infinity running on ERC20 tokens
  5. ERC20 tokens $SLP & $AXS run off the Ethereum blockchain
  6. Once your wallet is loaded with $ETH you are ready to purchase your first three Axies
  7. Download the game extension to your browser or the app through your smartphone
  8. Connect your crypto wallet and start your Axie Infinity journey

In Game ERC20 Tokens

The in-game currency for Axie Infinity is $SLP and $AXS and is rewarded and earned for battling and the completion of daily tasks. They both run on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 tokens.

  • The max supply of AXS is 270,000,000 with its peak at $180 for one!
  • The circulating supply of SLP is 537,500,000,000 with its peak at around $0.35
  • Whales holding AXS/SLP: LOW
  • Readily available on many Decentralized exchanges
  • Also available on non-decentralized exchanges (Binance & Coinbase)

As of today, $AXS is around $26/27 and $SLP @$0.009. This is a huge fall from its all-time high back in 2021. Will the price ever reach these heights and more? No, we think the initial novelty has worn off and the price would be lucky to hit $100 again!

This is because so many other NFT games are being released and Axie Infinity will struggle to stay relevant. Plus the fact that most newer players were priced out and are reluctant to put down the $500 or more initial investment to play the game and have a chance to take part!

Positives For Axie Infinity

  • Currently the most popular NFT game
  • Sell your NFTs in the in-house marketplace
  • Can be played on all devices and smartphones
  • All axies bread or acquired are your NFTs
  • Earn a passive income

Negatives For Axie Infinity

  • Capped daily earnings of AXS & SLP!
  • the initial investment is high around $500
  • NFTs could decrease in value greatly

Axie Infinity Feedback & Review Rating

Listed below is our feedback and overall review of Axie Infinity:

  • Graphics/Quality: Excellent
  • Earning Potential: Good
  • In–app advertisement: none
  • In-app purchases: Many
  • NFT value: Good
  • Free-to-play: NO
  • Overall Rating: 3/10

Axie Infinity is currently the best NFT game, Ever! But the NFT world has only just begun and the bubble might burst due to so the markets becoming saturated with new NFTs. Apart from that, the gameplay is great, if you can afford the initial invetment then we would highly recommend the game and encourage our readers to make the most of Axie Infinity.

Have You Played Axie Infinity?

If you would like to ask a question or submit a review of Axie Infinity then use the comment section below and share your thoughts and experiences.

3 thoughts on “Axie Infinity Review, All You Need To Know Before Playing This NFT Game!”

  1. Crypto Game God

    PFFFFTTT, this NFT game is bad. You need thousands invested to even think about making a small token return. You also need new Axies to make NFTs, because you cannot sell your first three because you need them to fight, hunt and breed with. It is just another FOMO game and the rewards are not worth the initial investment..

  2. I am thinking about starting to play Axie Infinity but do not want to spend so much just to take part. What happens if I buy the first three and then discover I cannot make any money and I want to sell those First three Axies? Can I do This? Or will I lose money? I am in two minds about joining the game, could you advise pls, Akhil

    1. Hey Akhil,

      If you buy the first three Axies then you can sell them whenever you want to. It will more than likely be at a loss if you decide not to play the game and sell your initial Axies soon after. As for advising you to play or not to play, then no is my answer. Find another game that does not cost so much especially if you are worried about getting your funds back soon after. Many new and upcoming blockchain games will increase in value over time, try Clash of streamers or Alien Worlds for lower cost and free-to-play not play-to-earn. Good Luck hope this helps

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