Clash Of Streamers Review And Feedback Revealed!

Over the last few months, I have been playing Clash Of Streamers, it’s another play to earn crypto game that has been receiving a lot of attention. It’s free to play but the option to speed your progress is available for dedicated players looking to mint their own NFTs on the Polygon network.

Clash Of Streamers Review & Feedback
Clash Of Streamers Review & Feedback

In this review of Clash Of Streamers, we will be revealing our thought and experiences on the gameplay. Plus revealing how you can earn through NFT minting and selling pets through their auction service. This is also the first NFT game in that you can feature yourself, your pet or any other picture of your choosing.

  • Social media & Gaming
  • Livestream on Twitch
  • Blockchain intergration
  • Future of gaming

Clash Of Streamers Game Play

Clash Of Streamers Game Play
Clash Of Streamers Game Play

Once you have downloaded the app and set up your streamer account then you can start streaming your gameplay through Twitch. Clash Of Streamers is a role-playing game or (RPG) for short. You can live stream your gameplay through a Twicth account, so everyone can see our progress and gains on your journey wth Clash of Streamers.

The gameplay is fast and you receive rewards as you gain achievements, this can be achieved by fighting others, campaign battles, spinning or playing mini games. Another important part of the game is when you hatch eggs and receive pets.

  • Hatch pets from gained eggs
  • Upgrade pets and streamers
  • Take part in the latest events
  • Play in their campaign battles
  • Battle other players in the Arena
  • Spin the jackpot or the lucky wheel
  • Poker, Blackjack and roulette
  • Summon pets and streamers

Upgrading And Selling Your Rare Pets

The most important part of the game is aquiring pets, these pets can be upgraded and minted into NFTs off game. Recently they have moved over to the polygon network so fees are much lower when compared to the Ethereum blockchain. You will need to pay fees to mint NFTs so you can hold them in a crypto wallet of your choosing.

But once you have minted an NFT it’s yours to keep and hodl for long term or sell on the many NFT marketplaces on the web. Remember the rarer the pet the more valuable the NFT will be once minted and transferred into your hot/cold wallet.

Shiny And Coloured Pets

Another way to earn within the game is to sell your upgraded and rare pets within the auction section. It costs around 10k blue gems to list your pets on the auction section within the app. The rarer pets such as coloured or shiny pets are received through events or randomly (daily) when hatching eggs.

Some coloured pets are worth 2 Crypton and upwards, with shiny pets being the rarest and fetch much more in-house tokens when auctioned. Crypton is their in-house token that can be swapped for $DUBI which can then be swapped for other tokens/altcoins or exchanged for real-world currencies.

  • Standard pets (Common)
  • Coloured pets (Rare)
  • Shiney Pets (Super Rare)

Holding coloured and shiny pets will improve your chances of hatching better pets daily. You have a limit to how many eggs you can catch/hatch every 24hrs. You can use the match-three game or just hatch them through the geo-pet section.

The Blockchain section

Before you start playing the game be sure to copy your crypto wallet passphrases, this is used to claim your wallet if you lose your device or access to the game. Once you have gained a rare pet you will see it within the blockchain section and can be upgraded and then minted into real NFTs.

The rarer the pet the more the NFT will be worth once minted. You can also donate your Crypton and receive DUBI in return, which will reflect in your blockchain wallet balance within the app.

  • Write down your 12-word passphrase
  • Never share this passphrase with anyone
  • Mint rare pets into NFTs
  • Swap Crypton to DUBI
  • Send DUBI/NFTs to your crypto wallet

Clash Of Streamers In App Purchases

Unlike other play to earn crypto games, Clash Of Streamers does not require a huge amount of funds to start playing and earning. They have many packages if you want to use real-world funds but this is not required unless you want to speed up your progress ETC.

Like all gaming apps, you will be offered packages, but as of yet, there have not been any random ads to watch, which is all good.

  • Buy packages to speed up your progress
  • Gain various gems, pets and seasonal offers
  • Buy rare NFTs (limited editions)
  • You are not bombarded with random ads

Clash Of Streamers Feedback/Rating

Listed below is our feedback and overall rating/review of Clash Of Streamers:

  • Graphics/Quality: Good
  • Earning Potential: Good
  • Inapp advertisement: none
  • In-app purchases: Many
  • Overall Rating: 8/10

Clash Of Streamers – (Final Review)

Overall gameplay is excellent, fast and has crashed a minimal amount of times. There is always something to do with daily, monthly and weekly events that are very rewarding. Each day you can hatch your eggs for a chance to gain shiny or coloured pets which always sell well in-game or as an NFT.

Out of all the crypto games, we have played Clash of streamers is the best due to gameplay, earning potential and quality. If you want to earn while playing and levelling up then we would highly recommend you start your journey on Clash Of Streamers.

3 thoughts on “Clash Of Streamers Review And Feedback Revealed!”

  1. Harold Harrr

    This is a great game and looks set to become one of the big ones, it is still early and free to play, unlike so many other crypto games. I have been playing and storing up all my shineys ready to mint to NFT. I find the best pets/coloured from hatching eggs from battles, but you need a shiny to get more expensive and rarer pets this way. Thanks for the recommendation Crypto guy.

    1. Hey Harold thanks for the comment, glad you are enjoying this one and yes it is early and FREE-TO-PLAY, although you can purchase packages to boost your rate of success although this is not needed currently.

  2. Clash of Streamers is amazing, each week they release a new event and each month you get crazy rewards. I have so many gaming NFTs minted and in my wallet. I like your Clash of Streamers review because it covers the basics of the game for newbies. Maybe you should mention the minting process and how new users can expect to export their awarded NFTs. Speak soon, ERIC

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