Eagle Network Reviews, Mining, Analysis And Latest Updates 2022

Released in the early quarter of 2021, the Eagle Mining Network looks like a solid choice for users looking to accumulate free crypto. Like all smartphone mining networks, it’s always best to signup early for higher rewards before they start halving the mining rate.

The Eagle Network Mining App
The Eagle Network Mining App

Mining networks like Pi and Bee have been live for many months and have considerably reduced the rate of crypto mining. With the Eagle Mining Network being in the early stages now is the time to signup and earn a much higher rate of accumulation. Because users are starting to notice the Eagle Network makes it the perfect time to start so you do not miss out on this new token accumulation app.

Eagle Network Review – Updated 2022

Eagle Network Review Update 2022
Eagle Network Review Update 2022

In recent months the Eagle Network has released some major updates, after all this time mining eagle tokens they decided to bring out another token that needs to be purchased through Pancakeswap V2. The token is called $EGON and runs on the Binance Network (BSC).

Since this release, we have deleted the app and have stopped actively mining. When a mining app attracts millions of users actively logging in each day and then promotes a token that we would not buy, it is time to say goodbye. Was this their plan all along? Maybe, but for this reason, we will no longer support or use the Eagle Mining app!

Eagle Network Latest Update & Review 2022

How Does Eagle Mining Work?

Once you have set up and confirmed your account, you are ready to start a 24hr mining period. Like all mining apps, you must log in daily and initialize a mining period. The more people you signup with under your referral code the better, because you earn at a higher rate.

Considering they are one of the newer mining/accumulation apps they have achieved a lot since release. You can play the eagle crush game, which is extremely hard, but you receive 5000 eagle coins for completing the 100 levels. You can also use their spin wheel promotion where you can accumulate up to seven extra Egle tokens daily.

  • Does not drain your smartphone resources
  • 24-hour mining/accumulation periods (one-click)
  • Currently mining at a higher rate
  • Complete the eagle crush game for 5000 coins
  • Referral code: cenabler
  • Signup with our referral code and receive 10 free Eagle tokens
Now & Future Mining Rates
Now & Future Mining Rates

The Eagle Mining Network Breakdown

Apart from the games, the Eagle mining network uses a high-tech blockchain that will not drain your smartphone or take away processing speed. Everything is based in the cloud so it will not destroy your phone or reduce its processing rate. They aim to decentralize peer-to-peer finance by created an independent network anyone around the world can accumulate Eagle coins.

In phase two you will have access to your Eagle coins and can use the app as a crypto wallet. You can easily send Eagle coins for products and services, but also to friends and family. The processing time will be minimal, low on energy costs because of the cloud and free transfers.

  • Decentralized finance (DEFI)
  • Cloud-based mining app
  • Very low energy consumption
  • High-tech blockchain
  • free transfers
The Eagle Network - Breakdown
The Eagle Network – Breakdown

Planned Updates – The Eagle White Paper

The Eagle white paper sets out their targets so others can read and understand their outlook for the next few years. Currently, only the simple miner setting is activated, but there are other aspects of the app that have not yet been released and should be activated in phase two/three.

  • Keeper: Increased mining rate depending on the volume of signups
  • Witness: Invite other miners to your security circle
  • Delegates: Improved mining when you run their node of your desktop or laptop

Is The Eagle Network A Scam?

From what we have seen and the professional set up within the app, the Eagle network is NOT a scam. To much work and dedication has been invested into this app, they tick all the right boxes and looks to better their network after each target/phase has been completed.

Does The Eagle Network Have A Utility?

From peer-to-peer transfers and a decentralized finance outlook, the Eagle Network has big plans for the future. These ideas consist of:

  • Defi token
  • Smart contracts
  • Decentralized applications
  • Partnerships
  • Future burn
  • New staking token: EgonCoin

With many new ideas mentioned in their whitepaper, the Eagle tokens look to have a bright future for the utility of their tokens.

Conclusion – Eagle Network Review

Our final review of the Eagle network is good, we think this new mining app has a great chance of success. The current mining rate means you can accumulate a big bag of Eagle tokens in no time. After reading their whitepaper and examing the app we can safely say that it does not drain your smartphone power, show too many ads or slow down the processing time.

If you have not yet signed up to the Eagle Network and started mining then feel free to use our signup code: CENABLER. This referral code will give you 10 free Eagle tokens and allow you to open an account.

Eagle Network Review Update: October/2021

The Eagle Network has been busy releasing updates and looks set to go live within the next few months. They have now released the staking option, which is the only way to withdraw your eagle tokens. You will need a minimum of 1000 eagle tokens to be able to stake. Then each month after that you will receive a %5 gain on all tokens staked in this time.

They have also released a wallet that does not seem to work or is in the early stages of development. All-in-all the Eagle network is moving onto the next stage and have now reduced the mining rate to 0.1. Another development is they have now released the ODIN token which will be the major token in the network, with an NFT airdrop for all holders.

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  1. The only good cryptocurrency to come out of all these free to mine etc is Pi, this Eagle Network is a scam. I wasted so much time mining etc only to be told they were bringing out a new token that would replace the one I was mining and I had to buy it. Total waste of time, it was just another swap token, oh and a wallet type token added to a list of hundreds currently doing the same thing!

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