Goji Crypto Review, The All In One Blockchain Payment & Staking Platform

Goji Crypto was released in June of 2021 to decentralise the world of business to business payments. They offer software as a service (SAAS) through their easy to navigate platform that incorporates the power of the Ethereum blockchain.

The Goji Crypto Platform
The Goji Crypto Platform

In this Goji Crypto review, we will be looking at their business model and the tokens used for their staking, swap and business transaction service. We will also be revealing if we believe Goji Crypto has a utility and a future that will make investing worthwhile in the long term.

The Goji Crypto Utility

Like all good cryptocurrencies, they need a reason to exist and stay relevant to continue to grow. The Goji Crypto is a new platform that takes business-to-business payments to the next level. If you are looking to make a business payment to another business quick and effectively then Goji Crypto Claims to have you covered.

The Goji Crypto Focus
The Goji Crypto Focus

There are thousands of various tokens being sold with zero utility, which means once the initial FOMO has worn off they have nothing to fall back on. Goji Crypto has a long term plan with their platform that serves as a decentralized payment platform, plus staking (income stream) and a swap based on the Ethereum network/blockchain.

  • Decentralized Payment Technology
  • Secure Business-to-business payments
  • Built on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Staking various tokens
  • Defi swap based on the Ethereum Blockchain

Staking The $Hanu Token

All tokens behind the Goji Crypto platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 tokens. There are four tokens in all $Hanu, $MIA, $GOJ and $GABA with $HANU being the main token to stake and earn rewards, plus the ability to use their platform and swap features.

  • Hanu Yokia ($HANU)
  • Mia Neko ($MIA)
  • Goji ($GOJ)
  • Safaia Gabanansu ($GABA) [Governance Token]

Once you have purchased your HANU tokens with Ethereum, you can start interacting with their platform. Create an account, connect your Metamask wallet and start staking or transferring funds.

How Do I Buy $HANU?

Currently, the only place to buy the Hanu token is through the Uniswap interface. All you need to do is buy the blockchain altcoin (ETH) and then transfer it to your wallet. Once in your wallet, you can connect with Metamask through their website or use Trust Wallet, head over to the Dapps and use Uniswap through Metamask/Trust Wallet.

Update On HANU Purchasing Power:

UPDATE: You can now purchase the HANU token on 1inch, XT.com and the Polygon Network. The Polygon network would be the cheaper option when it comes to gas fees. MIA and GOJ are currrently only available on Uniswap and can be swapped with the HANU token. GABA is not available to trade on any DEX’s but the future looks bright for these ERC20 tokens as more and more D/exchanges start trading the Goji tokens.

September 2021 Update

Is Goji Crypto A Scam

Although it’s a new project, we would not class Goji Crypto as a scam. They have poured a lot of hours into their platform and it shows. They have planned and the owners of the project have been revealed.

Their website and social accounts are active and they are updating these accordingly. Although this project is not a scam there are many scams associated with the Ethereum network.

Especially new ERC20 projects/tokens that will pull the rug once enough liquidity has been received. Because the look and feel of their platform are professional, unique and content-rich we do not think that the Goji project is a scam.

  • Social profiles: active
  • Website: professional

Blockchain Tech for Businesses and Corportions

One of the main aspects of Goji Crypto is their business to business transfer platform. They concentrate on this as their business model to offer low fees and instant blockchain transfers to any company around the world.

We all know that blockchains will eventually replace the banking system, with companies like this offering services that are built on blockchain tech. Here are some points made in their white paper as to why they believe their business model will become the norm:

  • Instant non-reversable transfers
  • Safe and secure blockchain
  • More transparency
  • All transfers traceable
  • Easily accessible
  • Lower fees

The Breakdown Of $HANU ERC20 Token

  • Audited – No
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Blockchain: Ethereum blockchain
  • Number of holders: 1424
  • Max supply of coins: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Revealed owner: Yes, Stephen Banner
  • Contract HANU: 0x72e5390edb7727e3d4e3436451dadaff675dbcc0
  • Our Rating: 4/10

$HANU Token Whale Watch

The Goji Crypto Whale Watch
The Goji Crypto Whale Watch

Having looked over the wallet holders there are very few holders with more than 0.1% which is a good sign, especially for new tokens built on ETH. Generally, there are many whales ready to drop their bags once liquidity has pumped.

Due to there being virtually no whales in their wallet list the token should make good ground in the long run and face little resistance once this happens.

Final Review of Goji Crypto

Our review of Goji Crypto reveals they have a reason to exist and there are no whales ready to dump this token. Their business idea is something that could catch on very quickly, once businesses start using their platform.

Our review of Goji Crypto is positive and we look forward to seeing this new platform grow. If any news or recent updates are released then we will share them with you in this Goji review so be sure to follow any updates concerning their journey.

Have You Used Guji Crypto? We are always looking for new information and reviews, so if you have used their platform then feel free to post an update or submit a review of Guji Crypto for others to read.

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  1. I have been an avid investor of Goji crypto for a few weeks now, their team is great and helpful. They do not encourage shilling or fake pumps or voting manipulation like other crypto companies are akin to. Great team and I look forward to seeing more of the same over the next year. It will be one of the big players because it has an amazing team and real-world use once the platform becomes widely used. Some of their tokens are not quite ready so be sure to grab a bag when they are released on the market. Or stake your tokens and earn free crypto.

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