Sperax Play Review, The Crypto Wallet App That Earns Free XP

The Sperax Play app offers anyone the ability to store but also mine-free crypto called XP. Sperax Play is another mining type app that lets you accumulate XP over 24 hours. After the 24hr period is up you need to activate the mining mechanism to accumulate for another 24hr and so on.

The Sperax Play App Review
The Sperax Play App Review

In this review of the Sperax Play app, we will be revealing our thoughts and experiences after using the app for a few weeks now. Like all mining apps the more users you have in your team the more XP you will earn over a mining cycle.

Although Sperax Play is different because you can store other altcoins and tokens within the wallet section of the app. This is a feature not released by any other mining type application.

Setting Up Your Sperax Play Account

Before you jump into mining you must set up and store your passphrase in case you lose your device. This is always important in crypto it’s a way to reclaim your account, so be sure to keep it safe and do not share it with others because you will likely lose access to your added crypto and mined XP points.

  • Download the app IOS/Android
  • Use our Referral Code: CRYPTE
  • Setup your security options
  • Record your 12-word passphrase
  • Click the snowball feature to earn x1 XP per hour

The Contact Section

All your contacts will be added here, if you send or receive any crypto to/from Sperax Play those contacts will be added here. This is standard for crypto wallets and makes it much easier to pay for goods or services. It will also help you avoid making mistakes and sending crypto payments to the wrong address which happens often in the crypto world.

Sperax Play Wallet
Sperax Play Wallet

The Mining Section

This is where you can earn your free XP points, which needs to be activated every 24hrs. Although there is a misconception about these mining apps, you are not mining. Mining on the blockchain is mining, where you help others send crypto and confirm the transfers within a blockchain by completing blocks.

With Sperax Play you are just accumulating, your smartphone is not going to overheat and explode because the resources are minimal. Your account is set a rate per hour, the more users you have signed up the more XP you can earn in any 24hr period.

  • Simply activate your mining period with one click
  • A mining section lasts for 24hrs
  • Referral Code: CRYPTE

The Sperax Token (SPA)

The Sperax - SPA Token
The Sperax – SPA Token

Behind the Sperax Wallet and mining feature is their token called Sperax (SPA). Released in September of 2020, the Sperax token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has been making ground ever since. Currently, the price of each token is around $0.05 which has doubled over about a year.

  • Huobi Global
  • Hotbit
  • BKEK
  • Gate.io
  • MEXC

It’s available to buy on various DEXs, all you need to do is buy Ethereum (ETH) and then swap your Ethereum with Sperax within a DEX exchange environment. As more and more users start using the Sperax Play app the price of this token is set to increase.

  • Audited – No
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Number of holders: 3641
  • Max supply of coins: 5,000,000,000
  • Revealed owner: Yes
  • Contract Sperax (SPA): 0xB4A3B0Faf0Ab53df58001804DdA5Bfc6a3D59008
  • Our Rating: 5/10

Converting XP to Sperax (SPA)

As mentioned by the Sperax team you will be able to convert your earned XP points into (SPA) tokens, so be sure to accumulate as many as you can and be ready for this feature once released. Once this feature is released we will update this Sperax Play review and reveal how this can be achieved and at what exchange rate will be set by the Sperax Play team.

Is Sperax Play App A Scam?

No, the app is not a scam, they already have a token that has been traded for over a year and looking to improve in value. Although we still do not know the exchange rate from XP to Sperax. It could be 1000XP TO 1 Sperax token, or it could be 10 XP to one Sperax (SPA). nobody knows this until the feature has been released.

So be sure to keep accumulating those XP tokens because their main token (SPA) has made good ground and looks set to improve in value in the future. Added with the other features in this crypto wallet app, many users will find it useful which means there is a good chance of success.

Invite Others To Join Sperax Play

An important part of boosting your earnings is to sign others up with your referral code. Our referral code CRYPTE , use this code when you first signup and you will be added to our team. Once your app has been activated with our code you can then invite others to join your contacts, this will boost your earning and help you earn more XP every 24hr mining period.

  • Invite others to join with your referral code
  • To activate the app you need an invite/referral code
  • Our referral code is “CRYPTE” this will activate your app
  • The more users who use your code the more XP your account will accumulate

Earning Potentual With Sperax Play

The app is around 6/7 months old and has around 300k users currently. The level of mining is around 1XP per hour, that is 24 XP within a 24hr mining period. Users will eventually be able to convert those XP to SPA tokens, but we still do not know how many XP will convert to 1 SPA token.

As long as the SPA tokens improve in value over the next year, you can potentially be earning a good sum to HODL or sell when you think the time is right. As with all smartphone mining apps, no one knows what the future holds, but with such a well-designed app and wallet, Sperax Play has done an extremely good job when it comes to creating their app.

The Sperax Play app is still in its early stages so be sure to follow their social account for the latest updates. The Sperax team have also mentioned updates as the app evolves and more users signup. This could be a payment system, staking and other features being released in future updates/releases.

The Crypto Enabler Team

Sperax Play App Review – Breakdown

Our review of the Sperax Play app is positive, it takes a few seconds each day to accumulate your XP points. Shortly you will be able to convert those XP points into their main token Sperax (SPA). This token is already trading on exchanges and improved in value since its release back in 2020.

The Sperax Play App has already achieved more than any other mining app as of today. They have a real cryptocurrency that has a real-world value, which looks set to improve over time. Here at Crypto Enabler, we encourage our readers to start earning XP points through the Sperax Play app.

Have You Been Using Sperax Play? We want to hear your thoughts and reviews based on your own experience using the app. You can use the comment section or head over to our secure form and submit a full review of the Sperax Play app.

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