Pi Network Review The Altcoin Mined On Your Smartphone!

The Pi Network is still new in the wrapper but promises to offer an ecosystem where users can build apps, create smart contracts and offer other services in return for Pi. It was the very first network to offer a way to distribute its tokens through a smartphone mining app.

You simply open your app and click initialize each day and in return you get a free Pi. As they say “All good things in life are free!” with the Pi network offering a currency that has huge potential for smartphone users.

Remember that the Pi crypto is not a token but a blockchain coin, so it will be classed as an altcoin. An altcoin is an alternative to Bitcoin, which is very promising from a cryptocurrency perspective.

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Pi Network Update 2022

Pi Network Review Review Update 2022
Pi Network Review Update 2022

Since writing this Pi Network review their app performance and options have come a long way. We now know there will be 100,000,000,000 (100 billion coins) in circulation in total. You can now stake your mined Pi coins for 30 days, 6 months, 1 year or 3.

Pi is still the best option when compared to other smartphone mining apps and looks to revolutionize the crypto world. It is also not too late to start your Pi mining journey. There are also 33 million pioneers actively mining daily, which would also make it the most used and recognized cryptocurrency in the world!

Updated Pi Network Review 2022/03

The Pi Network Breakdown

The Pi network already has over 21 million pioneers mining from their smartphones every day. That is a lot of users with many more adding the Pi app daily. With such a large number of users (pioneers) ready to start interacting and trading within the Pi ecosystem, makes the Pi Network one of the biggest and most desirable.

When the Pi Network finally goes to mainnet in (2022-2023) they will have millions of pioneers who have been patiently accumulating Pi since it began in 2019. As with all network coins, the more people who engage, hold and trade in their ecosystem makes their coin noticeable and in turn more desirable.

  • Amount of pioneers as of 07/21: 21 million
  • When was Pi Network Released: 2019
  • Current time to Mainnet: 2022/2023

Pi Coin Sell-off: When the Pi coin becomes available to sell on the open market (mainnet), you will see a lot of pioneers selling their coins. This would be a huge mistake, because once the price drops there will be a huge amount of users ready to buy a big bag much cheaper.

They will also know that holders will sell their bags of Pi as the first chance they get. Which makes it important to HODL, because after the initial sell-off the price will rapidly rise and you do not want to miss out and regret selling!

Accumilating Pi On Your Smart Phone

Yes, all you need is a smartphone and an invitation code “leesteve1981” which is the one we use here at Crypto Enabler. Download the app from the app store, confirm your identity and you are ready to mine.

The more people you have in your network the more Pi you will accumulate within the 24 hour mining period. Remember, you have to enter the app every 24hr to initiate another mining period. You can close the app, but do not log out.

Top Tip: Be sure to use your real name when creating your Pi account. This is because when it comes to confirming your identity (KYC) the name needs to match your ID card or passport. This avoids hundreds of fake accounts and keeps the Pi network safe for all to use.

The Pi Network Basic Example
The Pi Network Basic Example

When enough Pioneers have been engaged and mining Pi, they will reduce the amount of minable Pi, called halving. This process will keep going until the coin has become even rarer, once they reach 1b pioneers they will reduce the accumulation process to zero. The Pi Network has been available to mine since 2019, so the quicker you get mining for yourself the better the rewards will be in the long term.

  1. Very low phone memory/processing
  2. Cloud-based 24hr accumulation process
  3. 24 hour mining periods
  4. Simply click mine every 24 hours
  5. The more pioneers in your network the more you accumulate

Is Mining Pi The Same As Mining Bitcoin?

No, mining Pi is different to mining Bitcoin or other altcoins on a blockchain. Mining Pi is more of an accumulation technique from the creators of the Pi Network. Before they release their blockchain they want as many people contributing to the Pi network as possible. The more people who own Pi makes it more desirable, trustworthy and valuable.

What Will Pi Be Worth?

The Pi Network has huge potential for people all over the world, it gives pioneers a chance to build up a cryptocurrency that was initially free to accumulate. Pi has not yet been released to mainnet so it does not come with a price tag for each coin, it will take time and should not be rushed.

When compared to other tokens or coins the sheer number of pioneers will give the Pi network a huge boost. Another point to make is if the Pi Network offers good apps, smart contracts and their own blockchain then this coin could go on to make history!

Does The Pi Network Have A Use/Utility?

Yes, the main use of Pi is apps, smart contracts and services between holders of Pi. They are building their ecosystem where you can create apps, smart contracts and other related services. Once the Pi Network becomes more established we are sure they will offer many ways to spend your Pi tokens while interacting with the network/blockchain.

  • Smart contracts
  • In house Services
  • App development
  • Blockchain
  • Peer-to-peer payments
  • Pi wallet for safe storage

Where Can I Buy Pi?

Pi is not available to purchase from any exchange currently, this will come once the Pi network has gone to mainnet. The only way to get Pi as of 07/21 is to use your smartphone and accumulate it for free. As more pioneers download and start mining the less the coin pool will become, this alone will make the Pi Network more desirable going forward.

Is The Pi Network A Scam?

No, the Pi Network is far from being a scam, it was created by very knowledgeable people who make videos, host workshops and show their faces unlike so many other pumps and dump coins.

To avoid coin scams you must do your research (DYOR) if you just blindly invest in coins based on greed and the thought of missing out (FOMO) then you will come across a pump and dump nearly every time.

The Pi Network & Ads

We hear so many people saying that the Pi Network is a scam because you have to watch ads when you mine. For the record, you do not need to watch ads to start an accumulation period. Another point to make is under settings within your Pi account you can disable ads. Like we mentioned before the Pi network is not a scam and should be enjoyed by anyone around the world.

Pi Network Reviews

With over 300k reviews of the Pi Network now logged in the app store with the majority being 4 or more stars means that the Pi Network is very popular. User reviews reveal that the Pi Network is not a scam or a shady ad network and adds value to the crypto world. Do not miss the chance to accumulate Pi before it goes to mainnet and their blockchain is released.

  • Over 300,000 Pi Network reviews @4/5*
  • Thousands of new users are downloading the Pi Network daily
  • Can be downloaded on both IOS and Android devices
  • No minimum smartphone requirements
  • Start now before they stop the accumulation process

Conclusion – Pi Network Review

We have been with Pi from the beginning (2019) and have never spent any money except for a few seconds a day to click the mining button. We believe the Pi Network will be a huge ecosystem that will gain notability because they are sharing their coins for free to anyone around the world interested in accumulating a solid cryptocurrency.

You cannot go wrong with Pi because the coins are free, yes you need to open the app at the same time each day to activate its mining activity, but apart from that, you could be sitting on a small fortune in the years to come!

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