What Are NFTs And How Do You Sell Them?

NFTs are a form of digital property, they can be a video, audio or image. Technically known as (NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN) that resides on one of many blockchains. Anyone can create and sell an NFT all you need is a compatible crypto wallet and the blockchain coin for gas fees.

What is an NFT?
What is an NFT?

There are many blockchains such as Ethereum or Polygon which offer the transfer of NFTs. These NFTs work the same as a token, you enter the address you want to send your NFT, hit send and you pay a small fee ( gas/miner fee)

  • Image, Audio or Video
  • Transferred on the blockchain
  • Stored in a compatible crypto wallet
  • All NFTs are unique
  • Anyone can create & sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Gas fees for transferring to another user vary across blockchains

How Do You Sell NFTs?

When it comes to selling your audio, video or image NFTs, you need to use a blockchain that is popular vs lower gas fees to upload and transfer that NFT across the blockchain. Blockchains such as Ethereum are known to be expensive so this should be reflected into the price of the sale. Cheaper blockchains such as Polygon tend to be cheaper, but are more popular for this reason.

  • Anyone with a compatible crypto wallet can receive/send an NFT
  • Once your sale has been finalised your NFT will be sent to the buyer
  • Start with a cheaper blockchain for transfers (Polygon)

For newbies looking to start selling their NFTs then Opensea should be your first option. Once you farmilliarise yourself with Opensea then move on to other platforms and blockchains. Once you establish a following/user base then your NFTs will become more popular and in turn more profitable.

NFT Conclcusion

NFTs started to become a big hit back in 2021/20, with the bored Ape club and many others selling for 1000’s. But, in recent months the market has been saturated by various images/designs and sales have flat lined. But the future looks bright for NFTs and will become even more profitable and popular in the near future!

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