What Are The Best Automated Crypto Trading Bots?

Automated crypto trading platforms or BOTS as shills like to call them is a way to improve your earnings and reduce the time spent watching and predicting movements. But, more importantly, you are not going to miss out on a dip or pump in the early hours of the morning.

The Best Crypto Trading Bots
The Best Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading platforms are not some magic bullet to become a crypto millionaire overnight, you still need to research and make decisions. Yes, you can copy other traders but be wary of the information and never just go along blindly hoping for the best outcome!

“Before I started using automated trading bots I use to dread waking up some mornings especially if there was news concerning the crypto industry the previous day!”

Crypto Enabler

Crypto is a very volatile market they are up one day, way down the next and then way up the day after that. Automated trading platforms can help you cash in on these volatile days and make yourself money or increase the amount of crypto you hodling.

Another reason would be to enter a crypto market at the best/lowest price. You simply set your buys/triggers for certain crypto over a few days/weeks and then buy in at low points. So over time, you would have made money on the completion of those trades.

For example, you sell when high and buy back in low/dips again, this trading process can be very profitable. Other reasons to set trades would be if you are buying little amounts often, which will work with both tokens, altcoins and Bitcoins.

Why Use An Automated Trading Platform?

Simple, unless you want to sit on your device all day waiting for trade opportunities. Because it’s automated you just set your trades and leave the platform running. This way you do not miss out on valuable trades and you go about your daily life knowing your set trades will activate when they are triggered.

  • Time-saving
  • Good for both beginners and expert traders
  • Never miss a chance to buy/sell
  • Easily boost earnings/accumulation

The Best Automated Crypto Trading BOTS

When choosing the best-automated trading bots, we always look for a simple interface, history of the platform, reviews and our own experiences. Plus having the ability to import/copy other successful traders is key to a profitable trading experience using an automated crypto bot.

Not all crypto bots work for every blockchain, most are targeted towards Bitcoin due to it being the most profitable while having the largest market on dollar value. All the crypto bots listed are for a variety of blockchains, Bitcoin and various altcoins/tokens.

  • History of platform
  • User reviews/feedback
  • Age and success of the trading bot
  • Trading strategies
  • Indicators and signals
  • Wide variety of blockchain/altcoins/tokens

Cryptohopper Trading Bot

The Cryptohopper Trading Bot
The Cryptohopper Trading Bot

The Cryptohopper trading bot is currently the best suited for both beginners and experts alike. Cryptohopper has a long history with excellent reviews and feedback from various types of traders. We chose Cryptohopper as the best crypto trading bot because it offers the best value for money and has every tool imaginable for crypto traders.

  • Established 2016
  • Various trading strategies
  • Manual/automatic trading
  • Cloud-based so you never miss a trade
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Good for beginners and experts
  • Indicators and signals

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

The 3Commas Trading Bot
The 3Commas Trading Bot

Another cloud-based crypto trading bot is 3Commas which is similar to Cryptohopper. The only reason we chose Cryptohopper is it’s cheaper and has a long history. We think 3Commas is best for beginners or novices who want to start using crypto bots to improve their trading profits.

They provide a monthly subscription @14.95 for their basic package and increase from there. You should try their demo/paper version or just start with a monthly subscription and see how you get on. They have various benefits such as expert trader tips and the ability to copy other traders.

  • Established 2017
  • Manual/automatic trading
  • Cloud-based so you never miss a trade
  • Simple to understand interface
  • Entry and exit points
  • Good for beginners
  • Indicators and signals
  • Experiment with a demo bot

Crytpo Trading Bot Warning

In recent years there have been many new/upcoming crypto bots that claim to take you to the moon. Although it sounds good many are not as transparent as the two mentioned above. They will charge more fees, miss staking and can cause a bigger reduction on your investment.

So always be sure you are using an established crypto bot and not a bot associated with a token to make their own token relevant. Be careful when transferring crypto into unknown or new trading bots before you check on their withdrawal process, fees and procedures.

Bitcoin trading bots are becoming toxic due to the promises and guarantees made by these companies trading exclusively in Bitcoin. They cannot predict movements 100% and there have been many investors losing their crypto to these scammers, remember once you transfer your crypto to these platforms some will require high fees or a percentage to withdraw back to your hodling wallet.

  • Not all crypto strategies are profitable
  • Some crypto bots will charge hidden fees
  • Never share your wallet passphrase. EVER!
  • Never be impulsive when trading crypto

Are Crypto Trading Bots Legal?

Yes, you can use a trading bot for crypto just the same as with the stock market. In recent years bots are taking over crypto and general trading. You do not need to worry about using a bot to manage your trades within the crypto markets.

Can I Use These Crypto Trading Bots For Bitcoin?

Yes, Bitcoin trading bots are the same as any other. Just because they claim to make you a millionaire with Bitcoin does not make them any different. Bots are created using Python or Javascript and work for any type of crypto. Just be sure the trading bot you have decided to use supports the blockchain you want to utilize. All trading bots listed in this article are suitable for Bitcoin and various altcoins/tokens.

Conclusion – Crypto Trading Bots

All-in-all crypto trading bots are a great way to maximize profits and reduce losses. If you are a beginner then we would advise you to try a test account before you deposit any funds or trade real crypto. Be sure you are comfortable when trading with live funds and never give out any passphrases if asked.

We would also advise you that crypto trading bots are not always successful, no one can predict the movement of certain cryptocurrencies. Only invest the money you are prepared to lose and never trust anyone who claims to make you a millionaire if you use their software because the chances are you will lose your investment.

Have you used crypto trading bots? We want to hear your thoughts and feedback on any crypto bot you have used over the last year. This will help our readers make informed decisions based on the information you provide. You can submit your opinions in the comment section below or use our secure form located here to submit a review or information piece.

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