What Does HODL & Hodling Mean?

What Does HODL Mean
What Does HODL Mean?

Have you ever heard of HODL? In the crypto world, various slang terms are being used in chats, forums and other social media platforms. The term HODL means to hold a cryptocurrency no matter of profits. You tend to hear on Telegram channels when users are shilling and telling you to HODL or we are all HODLING our tokens, altcoins or Bitcoin.

If your Hodling tokens then good luck, but Altcoins and Bitcoins are much safer when hodling for the long term. The term was first used in a Bitcoin forum and was spelt wrong at the time and has just stuck since.

It basically means;

“Hodling for the future, because you have diamond hands instead of weak hands and would NOT be tempted to cash in your tokens early in case you lose out when the token or coin pumps to the moon!”

Although if you’re investing in a token and they are telling you to HODL it’s probably a slow pump and dump. Scammers always tend to use these terms because they work well for them, you HODL onto your tokens while we slowly take your investment.

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