What Is The Metaverse And How Many Metaverses Are There?

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In recent years a new type of platform or virtual space has become the talk of the crypto world. “The Metaverse” is a term to explain an online/virtual world, there is not only one metaverse! There are many types and sizes of metaverses, just like games and social media platforms. It’s just a name and an idea at this point.

The reason we are all hearing the word “Metaverse” is that many virtual games, tokens and NFT games are using the name because it attracts attention and in turn increases revenue/exposure.

No one company has been able to create a “Metaverse fits all” because all these virtual games are operating on different metaverses and blockchains which are not quite ready for mass adoption.

With big game developers and social media companies working on bigger metaverse projects, it’s just a matter of time before one Metaverse will suit all and create a standard virtual world used by all!

The Many Metaverses

Here is a list of the more well-known metaverse projects that have become well-known among investors, gamers and virtual property developers. Although they are not “the” metaverse they could be the next best thing.

  • Axie Infinity
  • Sandbox
  • Decentraland
  • Terra Virtua Kolect
  • Gala

These are the current platforms that work with blockchain tech that are considered to be a type of metaverse. Although they are “NOT” the metaverse they are the next best thing.

Metaverse The Next Steps

The Metaverse is just a name, but there are hundreds of top companies, developers and blockchain techs working on bigger projects. In the next few years the Metaverse is going to become as big as the net was back in the 1990s, but who will corner the market and control the virtual world we have all been hearing about, reading and discussing in recent years.

As The Metaverse Developes

Here at Crypto Enabler, we are always investigating new platforms/blockchains and so-called metaverses. So when new Metaverses are released or developed we will be revealing any news or releases/updates.

We love to hear from our readers so if you have any input on this issue please feel free to join the discussion and let us know your thoughts and predictions on the virtual world of the metaverse.

3 thoughts on “What Is The Metaverse And How Many Metaverses Are There?”

  1. When I first heard of the Metaverse I thought it was some world in the cloud that just keeps getting bigger and bigger just like our own universe. How wrong was I, there are loads of metaverses now and they all suck and have poor graphics and look like they are being played on an old Atari. With almost all new tokens claiming a metaverse spot with future updates, it is just a joke at this point.

    1. Hey Mo,

      Yes, most tokens are claiming this, some of these worlds are just shocking. RACA is another bad platform and looks exceptionally bad. Most crypto companies are jumping in on the Metaverse now just to grab more investment and catch newbies wanting to buy land in “THE METAVERSE”. Little do they know this land will be worthless… But I hope I am wrong for the people feeling the FOMO.

      1. Hahaha, you should do something on the worst Metaverse platforms lol. It would be an eye opener for the newbies looking to invest and make a fortune. I am betting that META will take the lead as the VR platform, with gaming going to the big developers’ Playstation or XBOX ETC. They just have the funds and experience for the long term..

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